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"Serenity"  below now  SOLD  29" tall Santa

" Santa's Angels" sold

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Unique 16" Santa on Motorcycle wearing real handmade fringed leather jacket-with wooley gray beard and braid- This antique replica of a Indian bike. is approx. 23" L x 5"d. x 11" h. made of wood and hand painted.



                                                                    "Christmas Traveler" Sold




























This One of a kind Santa is approximately 24" tall; he is 15" high in sitting position. His head & hands are hand-sculpted using prosculpt polymer clay. He has glass eyes and angora mohair for his beard & hair. Santa is wearing a gray wool hooded jacket that is trimmed with white faux fur and matching gray wool pants. Santa has black suede boots and his hands are covered with off-white mittens. His accessories include a 14" long x 7" wide dog sled, and four 7" tall fur covered huskies. The overall size of the piece is 36" long x 10" wide. On Santa's back is a backpack with evergreens, berries & snowshoes. Also on the front of his sled are three packages tied with twine.





"Routing the Trip" sold

25" Santa in wooden sleigh or option of Santa sitting in chair with globe.



















"Winter Wonderland" sold




















This One-of-a-kind 29" Santa has a gentle expression. He is handsculpted using prosculpt polymer clay. Santa has glass eyes and angora mohair. His long white coat, pants and hat are made of a white damask fabric and are trimmed with soft white Fox fur. He wears a soft off-white fleece shirt under his coat. Santa also wears off-white handmade leather boots. His accessories include a heart shaped white metal basket, and vintage doll in one arm along with a wreath of greens trimmed with white berries over the other arm.



"Winter Memories" sold