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Father Christmas 29" tall

 "Serenity"  Available






















Traditional style "Here Comes Santa Claus"  Large Santa 28" to top of hat-Above-SOLD

More of this Santa will be Available soon!




"Puppy Treats" Santa with girl -below--SOLD

 Above custom order (Sold) Cinematographer Santa  "CINEE CLAUS"

Above custom order (Sold) Cinematographer Santa 


custom order (Sold) Cinematographer Santa  "CINEE CLAUS"

custom order (Sold) Cinematographer Santa  "CINEE CLAUS"

Handmade leather Shoes and Gaiters by Joyce Nicholson

custom order (Sold) Cinematographer Santa 


NEW  2015 Santa's 


Now SOLD  New Large 30" Saint Nicholas (below) Please email for info



















Father Christmas in beautiful pale-ivory brocade-gold accessories

 LE -resin Santa made from my original sculpt.

Santa above - 26"to 28" tall- Available by Special Order





42" Santa below now SOLD 




DSCF6968 (1600x1200).jpg?1424111399216




DSCF6962 (1200x1600).jpg?1424111407175

"Santa with kittens" above SOLD

Large 42" tall Traditional Santa






DSCF6193 (600x800).jpg?1420812402259

DSCF6192 (600x800).jpg?1420812402247


 NEW Santa and Mrs. Clause above in white 22"  

"Lets Trim the Tree"   



DSCF6196 (1200x1600) (560x800).jpg?14208




DSCF6199 (1200x1600) (600x800).jpg?14208


NEW Santa and Mrs. Clause in Red above 22"  

"Come Dance with Me" 





DSCF6050 (907x1280).jpg?1420812466566


NEW Santa in green (above)  22"  "Faith"   SOLD



Santa shown on home page (top) is a Life size Santa --SOLD

Please click here: Life Size Santas for pictures

DSCF5679 (640x542).jpg?1417326109371



DSCF5688 (640x480).jpg?1417326109287


DSCF5703 (1200x1600) (480x640).jpg?14173


Commission Santa and Mrs. Claus -- "Lifetime Love"  SOLD

Santa 44" tall and Mrs. 42" tall



"Joy to the World" Santa on Antique Style Trike 18" Santa-SOLD


DSCF5450 (600x800).jpg?1417326109433


DSCF5442 (600x800).jpg?1417326109520

DSCF5486 (1350x1800).jpg?1417326110345




DSCF5499 (1350x1800).jpg?1417326110329


"Shepard Santa"  OOAK Cream coat  23"  SOLD




DSCF5329 (768x1024).jpg?1417326110112



DSCF5332 (768x1024).jpg?1417326110144


(above)"Toy Builder" SOLD   



DSCF5342 (1350x1800).jpg?1417326110692



DSCF5356 (1350x1800).jpg?1417326110297


DSCF5339 (1350x1800).jpg?1417326112381



"Spirit of the 4th" Santa OOAK, SOLD




DSCF5514 (1037x1800).jpg?1417326111649



DSCF5518 (1350x1800).jpg?1417326110978


(above)  Commissioned Santa black Persian fur  SOLD



DSCN5211 (1800x1350).jpg?1417326111032




OOAK Father Christmas- 23"
 tall dressed  in red coat/black Persian Lamb fur- SOLD


DSCN8658 (1003x1200).jpg?1417326111385