This Victorian theme vignette was a commissioned piece.

Photo shown below was used to try to capture some resemblance of little girl in portrait. Santa is dressed in a 3/4 long caped coat in black/brown tweed wool, and black wool pants.He is tipping his hat to greet the little girl. His black top hat was hand-made with black wool and has a hand-stitched grosgrain ribbon around brim. He also wears a whiteshirt with dark red ascot at neck. Santa is seated on a wood & cast iron park bench under a lighted Victorian lamppost. The little girl is wearing a dark red velour dress trimmed in antique gold/red trim, also matching hooded cape trimmed in dark brown mink, with mink fur muff and handmade black leather boots.

Her accessories include a tiny book called "Little Dorritt" from the Charles Dickens series, with real print inside, a pair of ice skates, and a tiny collectible porcelain doll from England. Santa is seated with his two puppies, a Jack Russell terrier and Black Scottie.


















































"Jolly Olde Saint" (below)    SOLD


This One of a kind Santa was a commissioned piece. He is a large 45" Santa. This Santa has a very kind expression with clear blue eyes (glass). He is wearing a beautiful long coat in beige (very soft) raised chenille. The coat has a long cape and is trimmed with beige/brown tipped real Fox fur with matching fur hat. His coat has a pretty braid loop trim at the bottom and also at the end of his sleeves. His under-dress is a silk polyester fabric in gold beige. The pants under his under dress is faux suede with suede boots in beige and trimmed with beige mink. He will be holding a walnut rosary, (not the black one in photo) so I made a copper color sash at his waist to compliment the walnut rosary.






























































































































"Kiss Please!" Santa and Mrs. Claus SOLD

Look for photos in upcoming December issue of "Doll Reader"

Santa is approx. 26" and Mrs. Claus is 24".

Mr. & Mrs. look lovingly into each others eyes. Both are ONE of a KIND handsculpted dolls. They are wearing matching cream/white brocade lined robes and cream color satin PJ's with slippers. Santa holds a gift for Mrs. while she leans in to give him a kiss.






















                     Mrs. Claus and little girl" Sold


This One of a kind 22" Mrs. Claus with little girl was commissioned. Mrs. Claus is dressed in a snowflake pattern coat with white faux fur trim and lined ivory lace dress. She is seated on a pretty white scroll & leaf cast iron chair. One of a kind Little girl is approx. 12" tall.  She is wearing ivory cotton dress with matching bloomers. She has a white faux fur coat over dress and matching fur head band.

She holds a small antique style porcelain doll & pair of skates.







"Santa Mo & Special Helpers"   SOLD


This was a commissioned piece. Mo is approx. 24" and girls 16" and 12". Human hair wigs on girls, wool beard on Santa. Rabbit fur on Santa.

My client wanted a special piece to hand down to her grand-daughters when they get older. This Santa "Mo" comes each year to their home at Christmas and she wanted them to have something to remember the special times at Grandma's. I am not a portrait doll artist, but I wanted to try to capture some resemblance if I could for her.









































































"Christmas Spirit"      SOLD

This fabric was so pretty --I decided to use it on two Santa's (see Santa below) This Large One of a kind formal Santa is approx. 38" tall. His head &hand are hand-sculpted using prosculpt. His eyes are glass and he has a long angora mohair beard. He wears a beautiful long heavy tapestry coat with cape done in very rich colors of deep red, warm browns & gold muted patchwork print. Coat & cape are trimmed with a off white faux fur and matching hat has a deep red tassel. His under dress is done in a pretty copper brown patchwork silk fabric. He also has a matching sash around his waist. Santa has brown leather shoes. Accessories include a small sled, small tree, and branch of evergreen, and large red berries.























"My Love" 38" Santa below SOLD







"World Traveler" below SOLD

This One of a kind unique Santa is 24" tall (17" high seated) His head & hands are handsculpted using prosculpt. He wears a beautiful 100% ruffled silk shirt--done in deep red, sage green & gold print. Pants & hat are done in deep sage green & red stripe velour with antique gold tassel. He also has a matching antique gold tassel belt around his waist. Santa has black boots and holds a list of children's names from the 18th century.

Accessories include: Black & brown Windsor chair, Very unique --vintage Old World globe 7" diameter with 9" x 11" wood stand and real brass magnifying glass.




































"Stockings & Strings" below  SOLD


This is a One of a kind Vignette with Ethnic Santa & little girl. Wood base is 16" x 19" and is solid wood, with a cherry finish. Santa is approx. 22" tall in seated position. Little "Anna" is approx. 15" standing. Santa has gentle brown eyes made of glass, and salt & pepper wool bearding. His suit is done in a gray wool blend with an off white shirt under his vest. Santa also has hand-sculpted boots covered in black leather. Anna wears a long braided black wig and she has soft brown eyes, also glass. Her dress is cotton wine & ivory pin stripe over ivory bloomers. She also wears a wine color sweater and matching stockings. Accessories include Santa's violin & bow, chair, round table, silver oil lamp, book, and small fur covered dog.













































































                         "Puppy Tunes"   above   SOLD





"Enduring Love"    below   SOLD