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"Victorian Couple"


This One of a kind Victorian couple were commissioned for an Albany sleigh.  They measure approx. 18" and 21" tall. They are both hand-sculpted using prosculpt polymer clay and have glass eyes. The man is wearing a black wool overcoat & pants.  Coat is lined with silk fabric and he wears a handmade black suede top-hat. His beard & hair are salt & pepper wool. The lady is lady is wearing a dupioni silk dress in gold & trimmed in black lace and one-hundred year old black lace around the jacket bottom. Her hat is also handmade, covered in the matching silk, with black ribbon, black roses and netting and she holds a black fur muff. Her wig is light brown. Both wear custom made high top boots with suede toes, that came from New Zealand. They also have a handmade lap blanket trimmed with braid & tassels.




Seen with the heart-Karen Vander Logt

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