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 Orders are now full for 2009.

I will no longer be doing commissions in 2010 so I'm able to make more OOAK Santa's and dolls available from my website.

I hope you will come back often to see what is newly available.


 Due to the time involved in in doing commissions and process,

 I can only give you a estimated completion time.

 Sometimes your order can take longer than expected or less time since I have many in the works at one time.

I'm sorry will not rush an order -- just to complete it in the time quoted.


  Please refresh your browser if all pictures do not load.



This Victorian theme vignette was  a commissioned piece.

 Photo shown below was used to try to capture some resemblance of little girl in portrait.  Santa is dressed in a  3/4 long caped coat in black/brown tweed wool, and black wool pants.

He is tipping his hat to greet the little girl.  His black top hat was  hand-made with black wool and has a  hand-stitched grosgrain ribbon around brim.  He also wears a whiteshirt with dark red ascot at neck.   Santa is seated on a wood & cast iron  park bench  under a lighted Victorian lamppost.  The little girl is wearing a dark red velour dress trimmed in antique gold/red trim, also matching hooded cape trimmed in dark brown mink, with mink fur muff and  handmade black leather boots.

 Her accessories include a tiny book called  "Little Dorritt" from the Charles Dickens series, with real print inside,  a pair of ice skates, and a tiny collectible porcelain doll from England.  Santa is seated with  his two puppies, a Jack Russell terrier and Black Scottie.

Thank you Heather !   I  really enjoyed making your special piece.
















All Santa's (Below) were commissioned..... and are in private collections. 

 These are some  example's of Santa's made using heirloom fur, etc.


 Thank you. . .  Judy D. for choosing me to make your special family gifts

 using your beautiful vintage silver fox fur.























These Santa's below were done for Mary S.  using her Mothers  heirloom coats and furs.

 it was a pleasure working with her creating her family keepsakes. . .Thank you Mary



"Santa in White"

using vintage white

 fur coat lining as trim.









"Santa in Burgundy"

using a vintage beige

 mink collar as trim





"Santa in Gold"

using a vintage two-tone

fur coat as trim
















                                                                                            "Santa in Beige"

           using a vintage brown mink collar as trim












                                                                        "Santa in Purple velvet"

                       using a vintage purple coat as full coat & hat