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Doll Artists

Mary Bauman--Visions of an Olde Friend

 One of a kind Santa's and Art dolls hand sculpted by my sister, Mary Bauman.  Mary creates beautiful Santa's using new & vintage fabrics, and unique accessories.  Our  Santa's have been featured together in the 2004 Better Homes and Gardens Santa Claus collection book vol 6.

Marcella's Daughter Santa's by artist Rachel Donohoe
One of a Kind heirloom quality collection of Old World inspired Father Christmas and Angel dolls. Hand sculpted and designed with a passion for Santa's and in loving memory of my mother Marcella.

Christmas lady   by artist Nancy Malay.

Beautiful Handcrafted Snowmen, Santa's and Victorian Christmas Stockings, all created entirely by me! I hope this unique collection will fill your home with Christmas cheer and make memorable gifts for your family and friends.

Cottontail Collection  by artist Nancy Malay.

 I take pride in my attention to detail, as I meticulously handcraft each Bunny & Chick using vintage Mica & trims,German glass glitter & tinsel.. Some are crafted in the Folk Art tradition, some from vintage or reproduction chocolate molds, while others look like they were handed down from the Victorian Era.

Karen Williams Smith

One of a kind Sculpture and Original Art Dolls.  Please check out her site to see Karen's Beautiful Art dolls and sculptures in Bronze and many types of unique art done by this talented Artist. 

Audrey Swarz Originals

Wonderful One of a kind Doll art. Each piece is individually sculpted and created by artist Audrey Swarz.  Audrey makes many unique items, Santa's, Art dolls, Angels, Fairies, Elves, Witches, and sculptural handbags. She also teaches online sculpting classes.

 Johnston Original Artdolls  

Jack Johnston teaching seminars and workshops around the nation using Prosculpt polymer clay.  He has written five books and produced nine videos on making dolls in polymer clay. Jack is now beginning  Online One of a kind doll making courses.

Marlaine Verhelst dollartist

Type/style of dolls: One of a kind fantasy dolls and marionettes made of porcelain (without molds) and textile, often in combination with one of a kind animals of woodpowder. Heads, hands and feet are hand-modelled out of porcelain. The work is related to the world of theatre and fairy-tales. The dolls are about 65 cm high; the whole objects are up to 170 cm high. Length of time in dollmaking: Art School educated: Professional dollmaker since the end of the seventies. Since 1980 Teacher in making dolls and animals in The Netherlands. Workshops and lectures in Western Europe and in 1995, 1998 and 1999 at the Santa Fe Doll Festival. 20 years.

Marlaine Verhelst dollmaker page

Join the dollmakers list :  intended to promote discussions between dollmakers. You can feel free to discuss any aspects of making, costuming and selling dolls here. Also cloth, porcelain, the new clays and any other material. Share information about doll shows, web sites, galleries, books, techniques.

One of a kind Santa Dolls by Gery

Please visit this beautiful site to see handcrafted One of a kind Santa's. These Santa's will make your holiday a very special one, and will touch your hearts.

Silke Janas Schlosser

Please visit this wonderful site--Silke creates amazing Trolls, Pixies, Witches, Fairies, Dwarfs, Dragons and other fantasy characters.  Her dolls are so unique and creative.

The Grandfather Claus  

Wonderful One of a kind original Art Dolls by artist Lisa Fronek. Lisa creates delightful Santa's and characters out of polymer clay, wood, wire, and stuffing and loves to personalize them for the individual or family they will be given to.

Jill's Santa's

Beautiful & unique One of a kind handsculpted Santas and Art Dolls by Jill Zaperach.

Fantasy Art Dolls by Marilyn Radzat  

 Marilyn Radzat has been creating art in the figure form for over 25 years. She uses the body as the canvas, transforming the sculpted piece with layers of fabric, nature's elements, and found objects.

Asta Klungland Doll Art

Visit Asta's beautiful website and see a unique variety of OOAK Doll Art: loving cherubs & angels, sweet children, enchanting fairies and beautiful Victorian women.

The Studio of Rebecca Schumacher

Fantasy sculpture and painting by Rebecca Schumacher. All pieces are one of a kind, original works, there being no other in the world like them.

PCF Studios, Inc. Philippe & Charisse Faraut

Marble portraits, figurative sculpture, porcelain doll molds, sculpture instruction

Jill Ball Sculpture  

Jill Ball is well-know for her award winning Santa's, Appalachian Folk and animal representations in polymer clay.  Amazing life-like details hand crafted into each clay figure will capture your attention.  All costuming is designed & sewn by Jill.

Original Doll Sculptures by Bonnie Jones

Bonnie's most popular figures have been that friendly old gentleman, Santa Claus.  Her line of One of a kind Santa's if called "The Santa Collection".  But recently she has branched out making one of a kind fantasy figures such as faeries, wizards and mermaids.

A Work of Hart by Marcie Hart  

Marcie Hart has been involved in creating dolls both in clay and cloth for the past 12 years. Her years working in various mediums such as painting, textiles and design to name just a few have all contributed in one way or another to her doll-making process.

Grace's Papa Noel

The Artist Grace Hannah, of Papa Noelę combines the Germanic spirit, the medieval St. Nicholas, Russia's Father Frost, the Victorian Father Christmas, and the colorful Santa Claus of our times. These figures are all natural Santa and Old World Father Christmas figures handcrafted from pine cones.

S. Nicolas Originals

Beautiful One of a Kind hand sculpted Santa's and Art doll sculptures by artist Sherry Nicolas . Sherry pays meticulous attention to expression and details. She makes dressed Art Dolls, Santa's, Angels, Characters, and American Indian.

Doll Designs - Original Artist Dolls and Resources

Original designer dolls by Michelle Lightner, sculpted in clay and cast in porcelain. LOTS of resources for the dollmaker.  Comparison shop for dolls and collectibles.

Santa Fanatic 

Holly Thompson is a jewelry-maker and collector/creator of one-of-a-kind art dolls, as well as a dealer of Masterpiece soft-glass eyes and Hen House Santas. Holly's passion for Christmas has resulted in a wonderful collection of Santas, elves, angels and fairies from some of the most talented artists in the world...


Our mission is to connect, inform, share and offer support to both the SantaMaker's and Santa Collector's from around the world.  Collector's are welcome to ask questions and post pictures of your collections.

Betty Lou Byrnes

Betty Lou creates One of a kind Santa's and Original Artdolls.  I hope that my Santa's will warm your heart with pure joy, and childlike wonder of Christmas morning.  Finally, may all your presents be too big to fit down the chimney!

Teri Dolls

Hand sculpted, Limited Edition Santa's and Elves by Theresa & Evangelina Dogget.   Theresa and Evangelina would like to introduce you to their new Christmas line!  These unique Santa's are all handmade.

Artdolls by Linda Apple

Journey into the art of the doll. . . Imaginative Figures, Stories, Painting and Sculpture by artist Linda Apple.  One of A Kind Imaginative Art Dolls from the Isle of Appleshire.

Janet Meeks Original Sculpted Dolls

All Janet's beautiful pieces are made using Pro Sculpt clay for each of her  One-of-a-kind art dolls.  NO MOLDS ARE EVER USED.  She uses only the finest mohair for Santa's hair and Beard, and fine blown glass eyes.  Janet takes great care to insure each  have special life-like features.

Handcraft your Paper Mache' Folk Santa here! 

You too can handcraft your own collectible Paper Mache Folk Art Heirloom Santa, with my how-to-do armature and my how-to-do instructions.  handcraft your Santa without patterns or molds to assure that each one is unique and has his OWN Personality.  One of a kind Folk art by De'ssie.


Doll Creations by Linda Plaskett

Welcome to our doll shop on the web! Our brand new site is bigger and better, and we offer today's most popular dolls in high quality blank and painted bisque, and as assembled and ready-to-dress dolls.  Also, we now offer unique supplies and accessories that may not be readily available for doll lovers who wish to create their own dolls. Check out our ostrich and coque feathers as well as fabulous Eyeco eye sets.


Originals by Pat

Welcome to Original Santa's by Pat. I have been making Santa's for family and friends for eight years and am pleased to now offer them to you.  Each Santa is a unique and one of a kind.



Suzanne Urban creates very creative  OOAK Santas and whimsical anthropomorphic character
art ornaments utilizing a unique sculpting technique called "Needle felting".


Welcome to Aura's Treasures

High quality handcrafted polymer Santa Dolls.


HunnyBuns  Dolls  & Reborn doll supplies,

You've come to the right place for quality reborning supplies, doll kits, Genesis Heatset paints and much more.  One-stop shopping for all your reborning and dollmaking needs. 
Pres., International Reborn Doll Artists (IRDA)



One of a kind , baby and children dolls from 4 inches up to 16inches. Sculpted by Chris Jones, a member of the Professional Doll Makers' Art Guild. You need to visit Chris's website to see these adorable life-like teeny babies.


Carving Artists

Teri Embrey's

Teri Embrey's woodcarvings are indeed "Reflections of the Soul".  A self-taught artist with a passion for old world Santas and the wonders of nature,  her carvings are inspired by legendary olde souls, stories and myths - whose only limits are our own imaginations

Walter's Carved Santa's

Individually hand carved wooden Santa's.  Original designs such as skydiving Santa's make them unique additions to your Christmas collectibles.  All are One-of-a-Kind.

Carved Santa's by Crafty Owl 

Hand carved wood Santa's, carved Santa wine bottle stoppers, the Christmas Key, the Reindeer Whistle and other hand carved functional folk art. Also check out Tom's wine barrel carvings, wooden goblets and wooden spoons!



Unique Collectibles


Karen A. Meer .... traditional teddy bears with a touch of whimsey !  One of a kind Creations that are so adorable.  Please visit her delightful website.

Sugarloaf Mountain sleighs

Beautiful collectable sleigh reproductions of Early American museum quality one third scale model miniature horse drawn sleighs. Ideal for collectors of antique santa dolls and Christmas item collectors.

Precious Possessions Dolls, Porcelain, Franz Porcelain Collectibles and more

Precious Possessions features the internationally renowned Franz Porcelain collection and many collectible doll lines by artists including Lee Middleton Original Dolls, Linda Rick- The Doll Maker, FayZah  Spanos Precious Heirlooms Dolls and  more.

Doll-house collectables

Dollhouse collectables.com is Certified Handley House Retailer and offers a complete line of Dollhouse kits, Dollhouse Furniture, Dollhouse accessories, and Dollhouse Supplies.

Motts Miniatures-Dollhouses and Miniatures

Minishop.com offers a complete line of dollhouse kits, miniature furniture, doll house accessories, and miniature dolls. We aslo offer hobby tools, paints, adhesives and other dollhouse building supplies.



Other useful links

Dollsmanepage, doll, wig, hair,

Bring your most treasured dolls to life with our finest quality, fully hand knotted Human hair wigs. These wigs are just beautiful and used be some of the top doll artists in the world.

By My Design

Please visit this great site for display cases, glass & acrylic domes, display cabinets, turntables, led displays, displays for dolls, crafts, sports, watches, eggs, crystal, plates, thimbles, shot glasses...

 Balsam  Hill Christmas Trees

Beautiful Balsam Christmas trees and decorations provide a timeless touch to any home. Buy a Balsam Hill Christmas tree and bring the warmth and charm of the season to your family today.

Sliding Shelves

Whether it's a kitchen shelf, pantry shelf, or in another application, You'll wonder why you haven't enjoyed the convenience of these wonderful storage organizers before.  The shelf slides out to you making it very easy to see what is stored there, and just as easy to store new things.  When you're done, simply slide the shelf back into place.  Organizing your storage has never been easier

Christmas Card Day

It's Christmas Card Day!  On this occasion pour you heart out and send lovely online greetings to your near and dear ones.  Send Free ecards and greeting cards to your family and loved ones.