Commission Book for 2010 is currently Closed.

Please check back for new Santa's and Dolls available

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Children Portrait dolls

 I will also be accepting limited commissions for Children Portrait dolls.

If you are interested in having a 3-dimensional likeness

of a child or grandchild (no babies please)

I would need very clear photos --close ups of head of the child--

front view and side view, also full view.

I would prefer to work with a picture of the child in a very expressive pose,

 such as laughing, pouting, playing, etc.

The dolls below were not actual Portrait dolls made to look just like the photos, but were made to go with a Santa scene. So their hair and clothing were not made like the real child in the pictures.  But I did try to capture a slight resemblance in the face from their photos.

I  begin each One-of-a-kind creation with a ball of aluminum foil which becomes the armature for the dollís head. I then  position the glass eyes into the foil or sometimes the eye will be painted. 

Additional clay is then added to build out the facial features such as forehead, brow, nose, lips cheeks, chin, and teeth.

Sculpting of the face is the most time- consuming part of the whole process.

Depending on the photo. the the rest of the sculpted parts of the body are then hand-sculpted such as the lower arm or hand, and sometimes lower leg and feet depending on the costume of the doll.

 A cloth body is made and all finishing details are done.
I will try to match clothing worn in the photograph using  new or vintage fabrics. Accessories for the doll are then added.



These can include such things as, chairs, toys or miniature dolls, etc. for them to hold.

A new doll begins with an initial commitment from the client, which places them on my schedule. The wait involved until I begin a given commission varies, but I always try to give a estimate for the completion.

Portrait dolls range in size from 20"-26" and price will depend on

the photo and how difficult the doll.

  A non-refundable deposit of half of the cost of the doll at the time of commitment.

All deposits are non-refundable due to a cancellation.
Once payment is received, the entire process is begun from planning & purchasing items to make the doll.
the clay, eyes, specific kind of clothing involved and any hand-made accessories that may be a important part of
the commission.
In regards to a deposit to hold a layaway, the deposit is not refunded due to the loss of other potential buyers during the time the doll is on hold.






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newly available.

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