BJD Bailey Jean --" Chantilly Lace" Full Set (below)

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Completely designed and handmade by Karen, including sculpting & sewing. 






Bailey Jean  in Ivory Floral print

 Total head sculpt 100.  

All orders final no credit or returns.


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 Full Set BJD, outfit, shoes, blonde crimped wig, eyco eyes.

Bailey wears a soft tone on tone ivory sundress in a rose design cotton. Along with matching pouf cap sleeve and lace trim at hem. She also wears a overskirt in tiny rose print on ivory background that can be taken off if you want her to wear sundress alone. She has ivory socks trimmed in stretch lace along with tiny vintage flowers on her matching wrist bands for a dainty look. Doll was designed and handmade by Karen, including all sewing and sculpting.





"Bailey Jean" Love... forever and always...

Resin  LE    

Total head sculpt 100.  

All orders final no credit or returns. 

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Bailey is wearing a tiny print in deep rose on beige background. Rose and black stripe arm bands and matching socks. At bottom of dress hem is a French inspired trim that is tea-stained, hand-stamped with wording

Love... forever and always...

Doll was designed and handmade by Karen, including all

sewing and sculpting.




 Bailey Jean as "Little Red"  resin LE

will also include a beautiful Wood & leather Storage trunk.  

Total head sculpt 100. 

All orders final no credit or returns. 


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Bailey as the"Little Red" Doll is wearing a off-white print lace trimmed dress with red/black plaid apron and deep red wool cape. She also has black boots and holds a small nest style basket with faux bread. This dolls was designed and handmade by Karen, including all sewing and sculpting.





"Bailey Jean" below in OOAK outfit &

dragonfly rhinestone hair clip-  SOLD


DSCN5085 (1024x1600).jpg?1365087838098







"Bailey Jean"  total edition of head sculpt 100.


Available by Pre-order

"Bailey Jean" dolls come as a Full set, including Doll, glass eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. 

 Karen designs all aspects of her doll creations; from sculpting the doll, to sewing their detailed clothing.

Dolls are limited to 100 worldwide in Bailey Jean sculpt.   Doll is made from high quality translucent resin, stand (16") with fourteen points of articulation.

 The doll was an original sculpt in paper clay, molded, and cast in resin. Dolls are pre-sealed twice before application of details and blushed using chalk pastels. Acrylic gloss is then applied to lips and nails for a natural luster.   Finally, the doll is finished with many applications of acrylic UV-cut Non~toxic sealer.  

"Bailey Jean" dolls will come as full sets including the doll, wig, glass eyes, and clothing.  All clothing is sewn by Karen, as well. Dolls clothing is either lined or sewn with French seams wherever possible to prevent interior unraveling.

"Bailey Jean's” original outfits are all one-of-a-kind,  hand-made, and designed without the use of any patterns.


About my first BJD


I started out making OOAK Santa's in 1999. I've always wanted to try making ball jointed dolls and have been amazed at how they were sculpted and constructed.

I had no idea how to begin. After nearly a year of researching how these dolls were made... I started sculpting my first BJD in paper clay. After much planning, sculpting, adding clay, carving away clay, sanding and more sanding. I finally had a doll I wanted to have molded for Limited Editions, but I had no idea the amount of time this was going to take. To my surprise I love working on these dolls every step of the way.

The Dragonfly

Each ball jointed doll that I make will include a small antique silver dragonfly. This charm will be incorporated somewhere into each dolls design as my token of thanks.

Symbolic meanings associated with dragonflies are strength, courage, harmony, purity, peace and love.


"Bailey Jean" is named after my niece's little girl Bailey.