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"Sleigh Ride"











This One of a kind 22" hands-culpted Santa sits in a beautiful  heirloom-museum  quality round-back 18th and 19th century one horse sleigh. Santa is dressed in a brown herringbone suit jacket & hat trimmed with brown fur. He has handmade black sued boots.  His eyes are glass and he has angora mohair beard and hair. 

 The sleigh measures 27" L. x 14" w. x 15" h.  is made of steam bent hardwoods & forged iron and many coats of paint to give it its beautiful luster. Sleigh also comes with its own certificate and serial number, and is made one at a time only a few are made per year by Richard Castrina from Sugarloaf Mountain Sleigh in PA.



Seen with the heart-Karen Vander Logt

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