"Enduring Love"





This loving Santa couple are both handsclupted using prosculpt polymer clay and both are One of a kind dolls. They have glass eyes and angora mohair for beard & hair. Santa is (approx . 26") & Mrs. Claus is (approx. 25") each wears a wedding ring. Santa is dressed in wool pants, vest and hat in blackish/brown/tan check fabric. He also wears a tan sweater under his vest.  Santa has brown shoes. Mrs. Claus is dressed in a long brick red corduroy dress that has little flowers all over it done in a green stitching.  trim & also at the cuffs. Mrs. Claus has handsculpted boots covered in brown suede, and tan bloomers under her dress.  They are seated on a green wooden & metal bench 22" long x 9" deep. Mrs. Claus holds a wicker basket of fruit and Santa holds a small bear.

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