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   "Special Delivery"  sold

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This Large 34" One-of-a-kind Santa has a gentle expression.  His head starts out as a ball of tinfoil then prosculpt polymer clay is applied to the foil head handsculpting the facial features. Hands are done the same using a handmade wire armature inside the clay. I use NO molds for any part and NO patterns for their clothing. His green eyes are glass, and he has a angora mohair beard & hair.  Santa is dressed in a deep red coat trimmed in brown &tan tipped Fox fur. His pants and hat are done in a deep red tapestry fabric.  Hat is also trimmed with the Fox fur. Santa wears brown boots. Accessories include his antique oak rocker with wicker seat 23" high x 12" x 14" seat 20" runners. His feet rest on a handmade foot rest upholstered in red faux suede. Santa holds a medium brown Boyds bear, antique style doll, and name list. If you want a  personalized list, please let me know the names you would like on the list.


"Christmas Dreams"  sold


















This One of a kind Father Christmas is approx. 25" tall. His head and hands are hand-sculpted using prosculpt polymer clay. This Santa has very kind blue eyes (made of fade resistant glass).  His beard & hair is made of white angora mohair.  Santa is wearing a long white brocade coat with hood in a beautiful fabric in a white scroll pattern all trimmed with a off-white faux fur.  His under-dress is done in white satin fabric with a small imported lace applicate from England at his waist. This Santa has no pants or feet, but a long under-dress. His accessories include a spray of gold leaves and apple with long white/gold edged bow, he also holds a gold star ornament with small gift wrapped in gold paper.



                        "Ten Minute Break"  sold                                                                                         




This One-of-a-kind Santa is approx. 27"tall if standing. His wooden sled is approx. 21" L. x 14" w. Santa's head, & hands are handsculpted using prosculpt polymer clay. He has glass eyes and angora mohair that has been curled. He has a beautiful  wedge-wood blue 100% bulk knit sweater. Coat and hat are trimmed with ivory faux fur. Santa has his blue jeans on and wears fur trimmed hand-made off-white leather boots.  Accessories include his wood & metal sled and ivory teddy bear. Santa is still a child at heart and is taking a break from the hectic Christmas rush!


"Better to Give"  sold   




"Teddy Bear Repear"  sold










"jingle Bells"



This Ethnic Santa is One of a kind and stands  24" tall.

His head and hands are hand-sculpted using prosculpt polymer clay. His beard is made of salt & Pepper wool. His coat & hat are made of soft deep red fleece (darker than picture shows) and trimmed with white faux fur.  Santa has black pants & boots trimmed with jingle bells. Santa holds a small toy violin, sailboat.

Santa stands with his dog "Jingle Bell" a black & white springer spaniel.












          New Santa- SOLD                          

18" Santa on antique replica car 






Seen with the heart-Karen Vander Logt

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